Women’s Soccer Podcasts 


Women’s soccer has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, with more viewers tuning in to watch thrilling matches and cheer on their favorite teams. With this surge in interest, the demand for content related to women’s soccer has been on the rise. One type of content that has gained significant traction is women’s soccer podcasts. These audio shows focus on discussing all things related to the sport, including game analyses, player interviews, and the latest news.

What makes women’s soccer podcasts unique is their ability to provide a deep dive into the world of the sport. They offer fans an opportunity to gain insights, perspectives, and knowledge that they may not find elsewhere. One of the key impacts of these podcasts is that they amplify the voices of women in soccer. Often marginalized or overlooked in mainstream sports media, women’s soccer podcasts provide a platform for female athletes, coaches, and analysts to share their experiences and opinions. This not only helps to challenge the traditional narratives surrounding women’s soccer but also promotes inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

In the coming part of this article, we will discuss the key takeaways from women’s soccer podcasts. These takeaways include the importance of representation and gender equality in sports media, the power of storytelling to connect with fans on a deeper level, and the role of podcasts in fostering a sense of community among women’s soccer enthusiasts. By exploring these themes, we aim to highlight the significance of women’s soccer podcasts in shaping the narrative of the sport and providing a platform for meaningful conversations. So, let’s dive in and discover the fascinating world of women’s soccer podcasts!

Key Takeaways

1. There has been a significant increase in the popularity and availability of women’s soccer podcasts in recent years, providing a platform for in-depth discussions about the sport from a female perspective.

2. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including game analysis, player and team profiles, interviews with current and former players, and discussions on women’s soccer’s societal impact.

3. The rise of women’s soccer podcasts has been attributed to the growing interest in women’s sports and the desire for more diverse voices and perspectives in sports media.

4. These podcasts have not only created opportunities for female creators and hosts but have also contributed to the increased visibility and recognition of women’s soccer as a whole.

5. Women’s soccer podcasts serve as an important resource for fans, athletes, and industry professionals, fostering a sense of community and sparking important conversations about gender equality and women’s empowerment in sports.

What are the Best Women’s Soccer Podcasts to Listen to?

The Rise of Women’s Soccer Podcasts

The world of women’s soccer has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years. As female athletes continue to make their mark on the sport, fans are eager to stay updated with the latest news, analysis, and discussions surrounding women’s soccer. Podcasts have become an essential medium for enthusiasts to connect with fellow fans, hear player interviews, and gain insights into the game. Here, we explore the best women’s soccer podcasts that every fan should tune in to.

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1. “The Women’s Soccer Show”

“The Women’s Soccer Show” is a must-listen for any fan of the beautiful game. Hosted by renowned sports journalists, this podcast covers in-depth analysis of games, interviews with players and coaches, and discussions on the current state of women’s soccer worldwide. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just getting into the sport, this podcast has something for everyone.

2. “The Offside Rule”

“The Offside Rule” brings an entertaining mix of banter and insightful discussions on women’s soccer. Hosted by a panel of passionate football lovers, this podcast dives deep into the stories behind the game, exploring topics like player transfers, historical moments, and the impact of women’s soccer on society. Tune in for a dose of humor and knowledge.

3. “The Equalizer Podcast”

“The Equalizer Podcast” is a go-to show for comprehensive coverage of women’s soccer from around the globe. With expert individuals from the industry, this podcast delves into the nitty-gritty details of the game, analyzing tactics, player performances, and major events. If you want to stay informed about women’s soccer at both the national and international levels, this podcast deserves a spot in your playlist.

4. “She Plays”

“She Plays” isn’t just a podcast but a movement to elevate women’s sports. This show focuses on the personal stories of female athletes, exploring their journeys, obstacles, and triumphs. By sharing these powerful narratives, “She Plays” aims to inspire the next generation of women in sports. Be prepared to be motivated and uplifted by the stories shared on this podcast.

5. “Kicking Back: The Global Women’s Football Podcast”

“Kicking Back” takes you on a global tour of women’s soccer. From the grassroots level to the professional scene, this podcast uncovers the hidden stories and provides a platform for voices that are often unheard. With episodes featuring interviews with players, coaches, and individuals working behind the scenes, “Kicking Back” offers an incredibly diverse and inclusive perspective on the game.

6. “The Women’s Football Diary”

“The Women’s Football Diary” is your go-to podcast for all things women’s soccer. This show covers the latest news, match previews, and post-game analysis. The hosts provide valuable insights into various leagues, tournaments, and national teams, keeping listeners informed and engaged. Whether you’re a fan of a particular club or have a general passion for women’s soccer, this podcast will keep you up to date with it all.

7. “Women’s World Football Show”

“Woman’s World Football Show” celebrates the diversity of women’s soccer across different continents. With featured interviews and discussions on the game’s global impact, this podcast combines analysis of major tournaments and leagues, alongside discussions of football’s impact on society and diverse cultures. If you’re interested in exploring the global aspects of the sport, this podcast is a must-listen.

8. “The Mixxed Zone”

“The Mixxed Zone” aims to provide unique insights into women’s soccer at both the domestic and international levels. Hosted by a soccer referee and journalist, this podcast offers expert analysis, interviews, and discussions on various topics, including the growth of the sport, player development, and the challenges faced by women’s soccer. Tune in for a well-rounded exploration of the game.

9. “The Women’s Sports Show”

“The Women’s Sports Show” covers women’s soccer along with a range of other women’s sports. Hosted by a team of passionate sportswriters, this podcast offers interviews, news updates, and discussions on various sports, all with a focus on empowering female athletes. If you want to broaden your knowledge on women’s sports across the board, this podcast is a perfect choice.

10. “Girls on the Go”

“Girls on the Go” is not just a podcast but a supportive community for female athletes. Hosted by former professional soccer players, this show encourages girls to pursue their passions, overcome challenges, and believe in themselves. Alongside inspiring interviews with athletes, coaches, and leaders, this podcast also provides practical tips and guidance for young female soccer players.

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Ready to Dive into Women’s Soccer Podcasts?

Here are some tips to get the most out of your women’s soccer podcast listening experience:

1. Explore a variety of podcasts to discover different perspectives and styles of content.

2. Check for regular releases and consistent hosts to ensure you stay up to date.

3. Engage with the podcast community by leaving reviews, comments, or interacting on social media.

4. Use podcast platforms’ recommendation features to find similar shows you may enjoy.

5. Don’t hesitate to reach out to podcast hosts or guests with any questions or suggestions – they love hearing from their audience!

Now that you have an extensive list of women’s soccer podcasts and some helpful tips, go ahead and immerse yourself in the exciting world of women’s soccer discussions and stories!


1. What are Women’s Soccer Podcasts?

Women’s Soccer Podcasts are audio or video shows, available online or through various podcast platforms, that focus on discussions, insights, and analysis related to women’s soccer. These podcasts cover a range of topics, including player interviews, game reviews, and discussions on the women’s soccer industry.

2. Why should I listen to Women’s Soccer Podcasts?

Listening to Women’s Soccer Podcasts allows you to stay up to date with the latest news, discussions, and insights in the world of women’s soccer. It provides a platform for fans to engage with experts and fellow enthusiasts, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport.

3. Are Women’s Soccer Podcasts only for women?

No, Women’s Soccer Podcasts are for anyone interested in the sport, regardless of gender. These podcasts offer diverse perspectives and cover topics that are relevant to all soccer fans, regardless of their gender.

4. Can I find Women’s Soccer Podcasts in different languages?

Yes, there are Women’s Soccer Podcasts available in multiple languages. Depending on your preferred language, you can find podcasts that cater to your linguistic needs, allowing you to enjoy discussions about women’s soccer in a language you understand.

5. How often are Women’s Soccer Podcasts released?

The release frequency of Women’s Soccer Podcasts varies depending on the podcast. Some podcasts release episodes weekly, while others have a bi-weekly or monthly release schedule. It is recommended to subscribe to your favorite podcast to receive notifications about new episodes.

6. Are Women’s Soccer Podcasts free?

Most Women’s Soccer Podcasts are free to listen to. However, some podcasts offer additional premium content or bonus episodes for paid subscribers. You can enjoy a vast majority of podcasts without any subscription fees.

7. Can I listen to Women’s Soccer Podcasts on my smartphone?

Yes, you can listen to Women’s Soccer Podcasts on your smartphone through various podcast apps available for iOS and Android devices. Simply download a podcast app, search for the desired podcast, and start streaming or downloading episodes to enjoy on the go.

8. How can I participate in Women’s Soccer Podcasts?

Participation in Women’s Soccer Podcasts varies from podcast to podcast. Some podcasts offer the opportunity for listeners to submit questions or topic suggestions, which may be covered in future episodes. Pay attention to the podcast’s social media accounts or website for any specific instructions on how to participate.

9. Can I start my own Women’s Soccer Podcast?

Absolutely! Starting your own Women’s Soccer Podcast is a great way to share your passion and knowledge about the sport. With the right equipment and some planning, you can create your own podcast, covering topics that interest you and engaging with a community of soccer enthusiasts.

10. Are Women’s Soccer Podcasts family-friendly?

The majority of Women’s Soccer Podcasts aim to be family-friendly and suitable for all audiences. However, it’s important to note that some podcasts may occasionally include adult language or discussions. It’s recommended to review the podcast’s description or listen to a few episodes beforehand to ensure it aligns with your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Women’s Soccer Podcasts offer a unique and engaging way to immerse yourself in the world of women’s soccer. These podcasts provide a platform for fans to stay updated, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for the sport. By tuning in to Women’s Soccer Podcasts, you can deepen your knowledge, stay connected with the latest news, and become a part of a vibrant community.

Whether you are a dedicated fan or new to women’s soccer, exploring the plethora of Women’s Soccer Podcasts available can enhance your overall experience and foster a deeper appreciation for the sport. So grab your headphones, tune in, and embark on an exciting audible journey through the world of women’s soccer!